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Apple Juice

Apple juice can be used in various drink and other recipes, to come up with mouth watering fare. Adams Apple is one such simple recipe, which one can easily make. To make this drink, you need some vodka and apple juice; take a glass and put in some ice, on top of that pour the vodka and apple juice and you have the delicious drink ready. ‘An apple a day’ is another easy drink recipe that one can try. To make this you need apple juice, tequila, apple schnapps and ginger syrup. To prepare the drink, combine all the ingredients together and serve it in a chilled martini glass. Garnish it with a thin slice of apple on the glass.

Apple juice is a popular choice for beverage for both adults and children. Apple juice is also used as a component in various types of cocktails, mainly because it is widely available and it is also not expensive on the pocket. Another reason why apple juice is popular is because, there are many health benefits associated with it, and doctors often prescribe this juice for people across all age groups. Apple juice contains antioxidants, which can help in preventing diseases like cancer, heart diseases and also reduces the cholesterol levels. If you want to get the best out of the apple juice you are drinking, make sure you buy the one which contains 100% apple juice.

Apple Juice Health Benefits

Many people think that apple juice is kid’s drink. Well, they are sadly mistaken as they most likely do not know the numerous health benefits of apple juices. There are various health benefits of apple juice and you must know, about some of them before you drink a glassful of juice. According to research apple juice is one of the best diets that baby boomers and senior citizens can include in their diet. For senior citizens suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, drinking apple juice is a must. Smokers, who consume moderate amount of apple juice, can reduce the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.Another study reveals that consuming apple juice reduces the risk of developing asthma by 22-32 percent.

Calorie Information

Apple contains very less calories; however it is an excellent source of energy. So, whenever you are in need of instant energy, a glass of apple juice will do just fine. Depending on the types of apple used to make the juice, the calorie content will vary. The calorie count will also vary depending on whether you are consuming homemade juice, canned juice, sweetened juice or bottled juice.
Before taking apple juice, check the calorie count, you must know what you are eating or drinking. Given here is the calorie count for 1 cup i.e. 248g of apple juice:
  • Calories114 (477 kJ)
  • From Fat 2.7(11.3 kJ)
  • From Protein 0.8(3.3 kJ)
  • From Alcohol 0.0(0.0 kJ)
  • From Carbohydrate111 (465 kJ)
Apple Juice

Nutritional value

The benefits of apple and apple juice have been recognized by doctors since early days. Apples have very low cholesterol and low amounts of sodium as well, which make it a very healthy drink. Some of the minerals it contains are copper, iron, manganese, potassium and phosphorus in small quantities. The vitamins it contains are vitamin C, A, K, B6, Thiamin and Riboflavin. Given here is the nutritional value of apple juices:
  • Calories - 114
  • Protein - 0.1g
  • Sodium - 7 mg
  • Calcium - 2%
  • Sugar - 27.0g
  • Vitamin C - 172 %
  • Dietary Fiber - 0.2g
  • Carbohydrates - 29.0g
Apple Juice

Types of Apple Juice

There are various types of apples, which grow in different parts of the world. The common categorization of apple juice can be fresh apple juice, canned apple juice, sweetened apple juice, bottled apple juice, and unsweetened apple juice etc. Apples come in various colors like red, green, yellow and pink. Depending on what types of apples are used and the various things added, types of apple juice can differ greatly. Also the different things, which are used to add flavor and taste to the juice, brings about variety in the types of apple juice.
No matter what type of apple juice one is drinking, the basic fact is that this juice is good for health and tasty to drink as well. One of the reasons why apple juice is popular with the masses is because of the wide variety of flavors used while making the drink.
Apple Juice